::: Francesco Pergolesi - ZERO ZERO :::

Un progetto fotografico che nasce dalla riflessione sul viaggio, inteso come senso di abbandono interiore alle proprie radici per partire da Zero ed assaporare un nuovo inizio. Gli elementi primordiali come la terra e l'acqua tornano ad essere gli unici punti di riferimento e l'uomo, il suo piccolo esploratore, è ancora senza una vera identità strutturata.L'evidente sovraesposizione di ogni fotogramma prende spunto dalla tecnica di sviluppo in camera oscura in cui i mezzi toni che contraddistinguono la nascita dell'immagine, e così di un nuovo inizio, sono i primi a rivelarsi e con essi la nostra percezione del mondo. 

francesco pergolesi



Lights have gone out all over the world, as millions shut down for "Earth Hour", an event in its fourth year which aims to highlight the threat of climate change.
Abroad, world-famous landmarks went dark including Sydney's Opera House and Harbour Bridge, Beijing's Forbidden City, The Pyramids and Eiffel Tower.
In Britain, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, St Paul's Cathedral and the London Eye were among the tourist hotspots that plunged into darkness, as was Manchester United's Old Trafford football ground.
Residents of Norway's Longyearbyen, the world's northernmost town, were braced for an influx of curious polar bears normally deterred by lights.
The residents voted - for the first time - that taking part was worth the risk.
The event was the biggest yet with 37 more countries taking part than last year, in the aftermath of the failed climate summit.
Despite December's fractious Copenhagen summit and recent controversy over climate science, public opinion still hopes for meaningful action to avert catastrophic global warming, according to Earth Hour founder Andy Ridley.
"There appears to be some fatigue to the politics around it. But people are far more motivated this year than they were last year," he said.
"Earth Hour is meant to cross geographic, economic, country boundaries," said Mr Ridley.
"It's one hour, one day, one year. We're not saving the planet by turning the lights off for one hour."
But, he added: "What you are doing is adding your voice to a global call for action."
Now run by the WWF, Earth Hour began in Sydney in 2007 when 2.2 million people switched off the lights in their homes, offices and businesses for 60 minutes to make a point about electricity consumption and carbon pollution.
The campaign went global the following year and this Saturday, more than 1,200 of the world's best-known sites will kill their lights at 8:30 pm local time in what organisers describe as a "24-hour wave of hope and action".
A raft of multinational companies including Google, Coca-Cola, Hilton, McDonalds, Canon, HSBC and IKEA have given their backing to Earth Hour 2010 and pledged to darken their offices worldwide in support.
earth hour


+** Floria Sigismondi **+

Floria Sigismondi was born in Pescara, Italy to opera singing parents. When she was two years old the family immigrated to Canada, settling in Hamilton, Ontario. Floria has exhibited her photography, film, and sculpture installations in exhibitions internationally in New York, Paris, Toronto, Rome, Los Angeles, Mexico City, London, Italy, Germany, Sweden, and Copenhagen. The multi-disciplinary work of Floria Sigismondi encompasses film, video, photography and installations. Incorporating early film and painterly aesthetics Floria creates a hyper-surrealism based on the figure, using images derived from hallucinatory dream-states. Her videos mix seamlessly with her photography series, and her photographic images translate naturally into mixed-media forms. Floria's images exist in a theater setting that is both narrative and starkly visual, revealing the poetic and sometimes macabre world. Musical artists Floria has worked with include The White Stripes, David Bowie, The Cure, Leonard Cohen, Sigur Ros, Marilyn Manson, and Bjork, among others. Her photographs have been included in group exhibitions with Cindy Sherman, Rebecca Horn, Vanessa Beecroft, Tony Oursler, Donald Lipski, Francesco Clemente, and Joel-Peter Witkin. Sigismondi has published two books of her photography—Redemption (1999) Immune (2005). She made her feature film directorial debut with The Runaways (2010), starring Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart. Sigismondi is married to Lillian Berlin, the lead singer of the rock band Living Things. They have a daughter, Tosca Vera Sigismondi-Berlin, born in 2004 and divide their time between Toronto, NYC and Los Angeles.

floria sigismondi


--_ Richard Ansett - Bathers _--

b. 1966 UK

Permanent residence London UK Richard studied photography at the Kent Institute of Art and Design and has been based in London for 20 years, his images are in permanent and private collections including the National Portrait Galleries of London and Canada and the Smithsonian, Washington DC. He participates in selected group and solo shows worldwide. Recently his images have been part of major collaborative exhibitions in New York, Japan, Canada, London, Paris and Philadelphia. He received a gold award at Prix de la Photographie, Paris ’11. He has reviewed portfolios for the World Photography Organization in 2011 and 2012, curated his first exhibition in 2012.


Judging a Book by its Cover

Emotions within us are manifest in momentary glimpses of the lives of others and can be an exploration of the limits of ourselves. Exploring the complex nature of our emotional world offers hope and empathy to others. We are mostly exposed to similar emotional experiences, it is how we deal with these emotions that define us as individuals. We are accustomed to a particular entrenched visual language but these are not natural rules, they are inherited. The landscape has been hijacked by an historic and contemporary aesthetic infecting the interpretation of the world. This customary framework that now contextualizes events for us, subjugates our responsibility for its content. My images are instinctual and immediate constructions in a present reality; conventional consideration is not given to narrative or truthful representation; subjects are merely participating in an interpretation; expressions of a subject’s personal identity are immaterial. It is a distorted and prejudiced view; an exposed infection of the personal experience, exploring humanity in its most general sense accidental as it exposes itself to the camera. I am currently interested in the presence of the unknown or unseen; the detachment of our modern selves from our natural instinctive ‘creature’ and the irrational fear as a consequence.

richard ansett



the persistence of wishes

The Format - Contemporary Culture Gallery is pleased to present "The Persistence of Wishes", a solo show of the collective "LEAFLOOD" (Tommaso Fiscaletti & Alice Marrollo),  curated by Roberto Mutti.

"Once created, no structure is ever lost" Joseph Sandler

Having desires is indisputable, whil
st expressing them in a similar way to those experienced in childhood might seem surprising. Yet, since memory and desire are intimately linked in consciousness, we all retrace our steps tofind the roads already covered in childhood.
These considerations are the starting point used by Tommaso Fiscaletti and Alice Marrollo to create an originalprojec
t the outcome of which is both photographic and dramatic.
centre stage a big teddy bear is sitting on a chair, and a parade of men and women are whispering their mostimportant desires in his ear. In the meantime, they sit on his lap, embracing and caressing him. Through the 14photographs and the accompanying video that make up the exhibition different attitudes are captured, in turnshowing shyness, confidence, and curiosity. They all seem to force people to interact ideally with their childhoodpast, to be denied or confirmed.
The scene is set in a clearly declared “theatrical area” as evidenced by the presence of a large red curtain 
in thebackground. Thus, on the one hand we deal with current reflection and on the other we do it with the critical detachment that characterizes every viewer.

Tommaso Fiscaletti was born in cattolica (RN) 1981.
He Lives and works in Milan as a photographer of portraits and landscapes, working diligently to personal projects. In 2001, he began to work as a photographer in a studio and also does reportage in North Africa and Eastern Europe. A few years later his work evolves in a different way, which tries to speak about man in relation to the environment in which he lives, and nature. 
His work has been exhibited in various exhibitions and fairs, both in Italy and abroad and has won several awards. .( http://www.tommasofiscaletti.com
Alice Marrollo was born in Pesaro in 1982,
She lives and works in Milan as an Art Director and Graphic Designer.
Her awards and publications include: (Gold winner to "Young Creatives Competition Cannes Lion" , Gold winner to "ADCI Young Awards", Silver Winner to "New York Festival Awards", Silver Winner to "Young
Creatives Competion Cannes Lions", Catalogo Printed Matter Inc NYC, EPICA BOOK-Europe's best advertising).
Founder in 2010 of the blog Ameen Anil (http://ameenanil.blogspot.com/), through which she continues her photographic research. Co-founder in 2011 of LEAFLOOD, together with the photographer Tommaso Fiscaletti, with whom she constantly develops art and photography projects.

The exhibition was realized with the support of the Mandala Creative Production.
The artist's book in a limited edition has been produced with the assistance of Touch Magazine.

Artist: “LEAFLOOD” (Tommaso Fiscaletti & Alice Marrollo)
Title: The Persistence of Wishes
Opening: 4 April  2013, 18.30 pm
Period : from 5 to 20 April. 2013
The Format Contemporary Culture Gallery via G.E. Pestalozzi 10, Int.32, Milan (Opening : from Tuesday to monday, 15-20 pm ) http://theformatcontemporaryculturegallery.4ormat.com/gallery#1

||\|| yann tostain - certainties (in progress) ||/||

yann tostain

lasdehner straße 28
10243 berlin
yann tostain


... | Jessica Eve Rattner | ...

"If a photographer cares about the people before the lens and is compassionate, much is given. It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument."
-Eve Arnold
After years spent in India and Western Massachusetts (and most recently, Guatemala), I now live in Berkeley, California with my husband and two daughters.
I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work, and have worked as a writer and editor. I think it is the same curiosity about people and their environments that led me to Social Work that now drives my photography. I am always excited and honored when someone opens their life to me and my camera. To be a compassionate and caring witness is my goal.
is the ongoing portrait of Lee, a woman whose eccentricities conceal a beauty and intelligence that most people might not easily see. I met Lee in 2003 when I moved in around the corner from her. At first, like others, I knew her as a shopping-cart pushing raider of recycling bins, a tatterdemalion with a foot-tall dreadlock of grey hair. Rain poured through the roof of her dilapidated house, a possum moved in to share the cat food. Hoarding was her lifestyle, and the floors were piled high with rotting relics of decades of her life. Lee has no heat, no running water, and uses the bathroom at a nearby Safeway store. Neighbors complain that her house is an eyesore and should be condemned before it lowers their sky-high property values. A social worker by training, I am fascinated by the cultural constructs of mental health.