--__ Daesung Lee​ - On the shore of a vanishing island __--

On the shore of a vanishing island

Ghoramara island is located on a delta region in West Bengal. Due to the dramatic increase in sea level, resulting from the effects climate change. Since the 1960’s, the shores of this island are being perpetually washed away. And since the 1980’s, more than 50% of the territory has vanished due to erosion by the sea. As a result, two-thirds of the population have moved away from the island.


-\-_ Frank Relle _-\-

Award-winning night photographer, Frank Relle, prepares a new collection to be hosted at the Old Felicity Church on October 19th 2013, from 6 PM to 10 PM. The event will feature 22 limited edition photographs from his latest project: NIGHT SHADE, Exploring Natural Spaces. Relle’s photographs, illuminated and shot at night, range from civilized to wild depictions of nature. The photographer’s work reveals the contrast between chaotic natural areas and formal urban landscapes. This collection includes the carefully spaced oak trees and familiar public structures of Audubon Park and City Park, alongside the chaotic overgrowth of unmanaged nature in Couturie Forest, Brechtel and John Lafitte National Park. The tamed, manicured landscapes highlight harmonious relationships between nature and man, while the captured chaos of nature evokes memories of Grimms’ Fairy Tales. Relle’s use of theatrical lighting maximizes the visual pleasure across his range of subjects.