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b. 1966 UK

Permanent residence London UK Richard studied photography at the Kent Institute of Art and Design and has been based in London for 20 years, his images are in permanent and private collections including the National Portrait Galleries of London and Canada and the Smithsonian, Washington DC. He participates in selected group and solo shows worldwide. Recently his images have been part of major collaborative exhibitions in New York, Japan, Canada, London, Paris and Philadelphia. He received a gold award at Prix de la Photographie, Paris ’11. He has reviewed portfolios for the World Photography Organization in 2011 and 2012, curated his first exhibition in 2012.


Judging a Book by its Cover

Emotions within us are manifest in momentary glimpses of the lives of others and can be an exploration of the limits of ourselves. Exploring the complex nature of our emotional world offers hope and empathy to others. We are mostly exposed to similar emotional experiences, it is how we deal with these emotions that define us as individuals. We are accustomed to a particular entrenched visual language but these are not natural rules, they are inherited. The landscape has been hijacked by an historic and contemporary aesthetic infecting the interpretation of the world. This customary framework that now contextualizes events for us, subjugates our responsibility for its content. My images are instinctual and immediate constructions in a present reality; conventional consideration is not given to narrative or truthful representation; subjects are merely participating in an interpretation; expressions of a subject’s personal identity are immaterial. It is a distorted and prejudiced view; an exposed infection of the personal experience, exploring humanity in its most general sense accidental as it exposes itself to the camera. I am currently interested in the presence of the unknown or unseen; the detachment of our modern selves from our natural instinctive ‘creature’ and the irrational fear as a consequence.

richard ansett

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