** Asako Narahashi - half awake and half asleep in the water **

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Elizabeth Weinberg was selected as one of PDN's 30 Emerging Photographers to Watch in 2010, has been published in American Photography 26, and was chosen for American Photography 27. After graduating with a Photojournalism degree from Boston University in 2004, she headed a bit south to Brooklyn in 2005, where she now lives, works, and rides a variety of bicycles.

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Eliot Lee Hazel, 1971, UK, is a California based photographer. He makes gritty and cinematic images. They are well composed, stylish yet have a raw edge. He has worked for various musicians like Morcheeba, Yeasayer and Basement Jaxx and with actresses as Shannyn Sossamon. His images are fragments of stories told, triggering the brain to start associating. Eliot's images can be compared to cliffhangers, raising more questions than answers. The following images are a variety of his portfolio's.

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Hi my name is Jake. I will sing karaoke with you. I was born in Montreal, raised in Maryland, and went to college in NYC. I now live on the West coast. My favorite superhero is Missy Elliott.
When I'm not taking photographs, I'm probably scanning film or gently massaging RAW files with lavender oils/exotic lotions. In my downtime I enjoy carrots and snowboarding.
- I run a photo site called too much chocolate.
- I am member of the Dreamboats Collective.
- I've also got a tumblr blog a tweeter and a flickr.
- Enough about me what about u?!?!?
I am listening to Kurt Vile, Das Racist, and Washed Out.

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