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My work explores human relationship to structure, particularly ideological shifts in geographic organization and narrative. I am fascinated by the historical quest to envision the globe as a whole, to mark out its territories, to draw lines upon it. I view these maps and borders as physical manifestations of our desire for stability, familiarity and fixedness; a desire that manifests equally in the personal identity narratives we construct as we delineate the parameters of our selves. I am interested in what seems to be a global shift, or rupture, in the way that we perceive our selves in space and interact with the world. It is a condition characterized by an unrelenting sense of displacement and a subsequent search for belonging that can no longer be tied to one fixed geographical or ideological position. Through my work I seek to explore new ways of realizing the self within this unstable space. My photographs depict an imaginary terrain; the human subjects are both an embodiment of an attempt to navigate and a faux-ethnographic study – a native/explorer of an uncertain land. The staged photograph, in turn, becomes a relic of our expedition as we peer into the abyss of unknowable possibilities.

carla liesching

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