:+: La vie chez la central // ANDREA PUGIOTTO :+:

I'm 25 and 6 years ago I was employed at the Venice airport, observing thousands people travelling all over the world in the meantime every day.
I felt that each one of them was keeping his own story, and I was near to so many different hopes,past and feautures, some of those passengers told me in few words about that.
Asking to myself which was the best way to tell stories, I realized that the photography was the right one, my way.I left Venice to embark a photograph master in Padua.
In the meantime I started to travel, driven by the desire to know.
Now I live in Milan continuing to seek life stories that can make us think, stories that could start questions for a better understanding of the world where I lived my 25 years of life.
Photography and video are the pens i use to write down and fix my stories.

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