^°^ Landscape of a possible condition - Tommaso Fiscaletti ^°^

Tommaso Fiscaletti was born in Cattolica (RN) in 1981. Lives and works in Milan as a photographer for the publishing and the adv, working assiduously to personal projects.
In 2001, he began to work as a photographer in a studio and also does reportage in North Africa and Eastern Europe. A few years after his work evolves in a different language, which tries to speak about the Man in relation to the Environment in which he lives and the Nature. Through portraits and landscapes, the need is to highlight the inherent reality to a deeper level. He searches for answers starting right from himself, from his affections, through projects such as "All Over Me" and "Suspended intimacy." Here the intent is to decipher, through photography, the complex structure of relationships between people. The staging and the drama are aimed at understanding the characters, often relatives or friends. In his work is very evident that the Man was at a certain point in having to deal with Nature. The magnificence of it can become the tool for reflection and also the only true inner refuge, as in "Landscape of a possible condition", "Mute" or "The Missing Part".
His work has been exhibited in various exhibitions and fairs in the field of art, both in Italy and abroad and has won several awards. In 2011, he founded along with Alice Marrollo "LeaFlood", to carry out projects that arise from the constant comparison between the two.

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