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Thirteen:Twenty Lacuna

2009 - 2011
I have a never ending love affair with the hustle and happenings of the city centre, and an obsession over what happens when strangers are thrown together in close proximity.
Once, while venturing through the city in search for faces and light, I came across this place in the Melbourne CBD. Light reaches it directly for only 20 minutes a day, around lunchtime, when people rush away from work to get sandwiches and coffees.
During these few minutes, a transformation happens
– faces are illuminated, dust twirls through rays of
sun, cigarette smoke becomes an almost glistening silver- blue against dark buildings. You can hear snippets of conversation and laughter between friends, and sometimes the muffled tum-tum of an iPod as if
to draw attention to the lack of interaction between strangers. It's a 'mis-en-scene', a theatre stage on which people become my protagonists for an instant. 
Thirteen:Twenty Lacuna captures tiny moments of us
– strangers – passing each other by unnoticed. We stare ahead, buried in thought. There is a fragile beauty in our distant gazes - as if inside, we were hanging on to something out of reach to anyone else, sacred only to us.
The Girl in Red, what is her name, and what her story?

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