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The Tendency to Persistence in Psychological function and development, with special reference to Fixation and Regression.
(...)No structure can ever be lost once it has been created (although it can be damaged by normal processes of organic involution).

The structures are constantly being modified based on experience, using overlays from other structures (while still retaining substantial parts of the previous versions).

(...)The progressive development will require the gradual inhibition of ways of functioning, which were structured in the past, replacing them with updated procedures. If we use the mechanisms of a computer program as an example, we can compare development and learning in general to the development of a new computer program.(...)

The old programs will still remain, and may be applicable under certain conditions; the new programs may be prevented from running, and the older ones will have to be reused.

(...)In essence we would continue to make use of a discharge modes and older solutions, except that on balance these can prove to be less adequate and secure than current modes.  When it is shown that (in terms of economies of affective states) a more modern adaptive solution proves to be less adequate and secure, it is quickly abandoned in favor of the more primitive solution.(...)

Joseph Sandler and W.G. Joffe Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic, Vol.31, N.5, 257-71 (1967)

Persistent: retained beyond the usual period, continuing without change in function or structure...

Time passes, and various events overwhelm your life.  The problem is that you can forget how to listen to yourself, but a strong desire cannot be repressed.  Sooner or later, the inner-child will return to collect the bill.

You begin to find a solution through the birth of your innermost desires, and by confessing them to someone who is able to make you feel that it is actually possible to realize them.

"The persistence of wishes":  a bear becomes the link between the present of adulthood, and the past of childhood.  The animal is synonymous with the natural.  It is essential, a true comfort through the inevitability of time.

the persistence of wishes

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