--Nirrimi Hakanson--

I am newly 18, shooting nonstop since age 13. It began as an obsession and now it is all I am.
I grew up in the warmest place I know, North Queensland. It was always summer and my parents were wild and free, my childhood unconventionally beautiful. All that was, inspired all that is now. And so the naivety and quiet beauty of youth fascinates me, photography becomes a way to relive my own childhood.
When I was 16 I was signed to an agency and commissioned to shoot my favourite magazine, at age 17 I shot diesel's winter campaign in new york city, this year I am going to bring out my first book. I have won 2 national photography awards (youthweek and SOYA) and an international award (artistswanted). I take photos because it's all I know and want.
Whether I'm shooting an international fashion campaign or my younger sister in my backyard, I always feel the same. Like I never want to stop.
I'm a gypsy living out of a suitcase but atleast I never stop moving, never stop creating.

nirrimi photography

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