** Katrina D'Autremont **

Globalization has made the trek to grandma's house far more than over the river and through the woods. But physical distance isn't the only thing that affects family relationships. Denver-born photographer Katrina d'Autremont uses the Buenos Aires home her Argentine mother grew up in as a setting from which to raise questions about the complexity of family structure, as well as the costs of displacement. She is the 2009 Silver Eye Center for Photography Fellowship Competition winner and her evocative exhibition, "Si Dios Quiere (If God Wants)," brims with 26 compelling color images that range from portrait to still life, Norman Rockwell to Magritte. Body language defines place in the family hierarchy, from stern grandfather in a formal setting to an angelic-faced little girl settled into the carpet of a casual room corner. Equally telling are photographs without people. A cup on a plaid tablecloth or an ottoman on a blue carpet seem furtive inclusions, off center and posed to leave the frame and, perhaps, memory of what they represent. Windows suggest transitional areas -- between inside and outside, private and public, shelter and exposure, known and unknown, constraint and possibility, security and adventure.

 katrina d'autremont

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