** First warm nights - BRIONY CAMPBELL **

Some key moments on my journey so far:

16 years old – When I realized my geography text-book was far less interesting than the shadows falling on it, through the leaves outside my bedroom window.
19 years old – when 6 months worth of films were stolen on a bus in Tanzania; my records of trying to teach English, make friends, and still my spinning young mind long enough to comprehend this addictively beguiling place.
21 years old – when my students days, turned into weeks, turned into months spent in the parallel time zone that is the colour darkroom.
...and on through early jobs shooting babies, formative photos almost missed, the crucial validation of getting paid to make pictures… endless joys, frustrations and compromises… and onto the most important moment yet…
29 years old – when my camera helped me to say goodbye to my wonderful dad, and to share our story of love and loss.

briony campbell

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