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Family Tree is a project about the loss and rebirth of my family. I moved from Southern California to England 14 years ago and whilst visiting family members back home, I started photographing the people and places that were important memories in the shaping of who I am today. While I've been living in England, many of my relatives on both my fathers and mothers sides have passed away and this has made me realize the impact death has on the lives of those remaining. These images explore the current status of some of my remaining family members in their daily lives and are moments spent together during family gatherings. I also concentrated on returning to places where either significant events in my life happened or happened to those around me and have remained with me since childhood. They are not always memories of great importance but in fact played a role in the life I once knew. This project also explores the addition of a new generation into our family. My nieces are now wives and mothers and their children will experience a very similar life to what I experienced. I tried to find beauty in the everyday life I took for granted while retracing footsteps of places where my memories lay and a new generation of actions will take place.
glen erler

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