°° TOMMASO FISCALETTI || suspended intimacy °°

tommaso fiscaletti

This project was born to understand what stands behind the eyes of two people who are observing each other, having a common everyday life. So being a couple. How many deep feelings, desires, problems you can perceive looking at their faces during the contact between the two.

The intrusion into the intimacy of a possible decisive moment at home, in an "apparent normality" never fully revealed.
An hypothetical "moment of confession," staged to reveal momentary appearance, restless. Dark? Something that I believe belongs to all of us.

The sequence of three images is intended to be a brief history, they could be the frame of a film or an extract of a short story.

This is not just a single moment taken from different angles, the time between the shots makes them essential as "unique fragments of time." I believe the pictures of  the individual characters can be used to get closer to their thoughts, distancing yourself from the rest.

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