** Viviane Sassen **


She was born in Amsterdam in 1972 and studied fashion design followed by photography in Holland. From an early collaboration with Martine Stig, Sassen has gone on to forge a solo career with the recent application of her work to the fashion pages of the world’s best magazines to winning campaigns and also to producing personal work to high critical acclaim.
Her book 'Flamboya' (pub. Contrasto) is a truly beautiful book and has resulted in a solo show at FOAM, Amsterdam along with her first show in New York in March 2010 at James Dazinger, Forma in Milan and the Brighton Biennale in October 2010. Flamboya is an object of such beauty that it’s almost completely sold out and we’re hoping for a reprint later in the year. Made up of her work in Africa it is a very intuitive, poetic journey through representations, symbolic somehow not portraits but more subconscious emblems or totems to a world deeply embedded in culture, tradition & superstition. It never fails to have an impact on the viewer.
Not surprisingly her work has appealed to a wide cross section of luminaries from the industry from stylists to creative directors from David James who commissioned her as a newcomer for Miu Miu, to the latest commission for Stella McCartney/Adidas she has an ability to deliver images of such beauty that just please, time and time again.
Although her preference is to shoot on location, she is also very comfortable working in a studio where she concentrates on bringing elements of the natural environment to play inside, working with light reflection, texture and atmosphere to render a supreme vision of what it is to be alive.

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