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cedric delsaux

Born in 1974, Delsaux studied Literature and Cinema in Paris where he still lives and works. He looked after an antique bookshop in the 9th arrondissement of Paris before entering the advertising world as a copywriter. In 2002, he decided to devote his entire time to photography. Alongside his personal work he grew as an advertising photographer and signed campaigns for major advertising agencies (DDB, Euro RSCG, Publicis, Ogilvy, Young & Rubicam, BBDO, Leo Burnett, TBWA ...). In 2005 he received the "Bourse du Talent", French photography award. His work "Here to Stay / Nous Resterons sur Terre", published by Verlhac editions in October 2008, explores the ambivalent relationship between man and nature. Random House in New York edited the American version of the book under the title "A Common Destiny.". Robert Redford, wishing to support the book, wrote for the back cover: " A Common Destiny is a hauntingly beautiful narrative, a meditation almost, reflective of how each action of our lives results in an impact, a consequence, a reaction somewhere else, near and far. In a decidedly ethereal manner, photographer Cédric Delsaux frames the collision of man and nature and the fragility of their dance together.".
Cedric questions our relationship to the world, he creates a new time frame where all boundaries are blurred, between reality and fiction, madness and sanity, where the past and the future are trapped in the present. His work challenges our relationship with time and space, forcing us to reflect on our perception. Elements of our common visual memory, holding a different relationship with every human being, inhabit each of his series.

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