°*° AlEsSaNdRa SaNgUiNeTtI °*°

The Life that Came

In 1999, Alessandra Sanguinetti began working on a series of photographs documenting the lives of two young cousins named Guille and Belinda on their family’s farm outside Buenos Aires. Cultivating an intimate relationship with the pair, Ms. Sanguinetti collaborated with the girls for the next nine years, constructing images inspired by the dreams, fantasies, and fears that accompany the psychological and physical transition from childhood to adulthood. As a continuation of the exhibition shown at Yossi Milo gallery in 2004 entitled The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Enigmatic Meaning of their Dreams, this second installment, The life that came, shows the girls becoming young women as they encounter the realities of growing up, relationships, and motherhood. This will be Sanguinetti’s third exhibition at Yossi Milo Gallery in New York. 

Alessandra Sanguinetti was born in New York, 1968, raised in Argentina from 1970 until 2003, and is currently based in New York. She is a recipient of a Guggenheim Foundation fellowship and a Hasselblad Foundation grant. Her photographs are included in public and private collections, such as the Museum of Modern Art NY, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. She is represented by Yossi Milo Gallery in New York City and Ruth Benzacar Gallery in Buenos Aires. Her book, “On the Sixth Day,” was published by Nazraeil Press in January 2006. Sanguinetti has photographed for The New York Times Magazine, LIFE, Newsweek, and New York Magazine. 


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